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Update No. 26 – 25/09/11

We start this week with a quote from the greatest literary work of the 20th century: The investor with a portfolio of sound stocks should expect their prices to fluctuate and should neither be concerned by sizable declines nor become excited by sizable advances. He should always remember that market quotations are there for his […]

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Update No. 25 – 18/09/11

I’ll be relatively brief this week; for there are a great many valuations I need to focus my efforts on at this time of year.  Wednesday evening (14th), the time the first draft of this post being written, the S&PASX200 TR index (our benchmark) is down 15.3% since our April 1stinception, our fund at this […]

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Update No. 24 – 11/09/11

The Fund NTA dipped a bit this week (more than the market) as our largest holding which is the subject of a corporate action declined in price, as the bidder games the target.  If the takeover falls over at current prices, I truly believe it will serve our fund-holders better, though it may hurt short-term […]

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