How to Invest

New Investors

EGP Concentrated Value Fund has re-opened to new investors. Please check the Product Disclosure Statement to see if EGP is right for you.

The fund will now remain open until $100m of AUM is achieved. The fund will then reopen once annually to replace redemptions and distributions, but only to existing investors.

Also keep an eye on the website (or sign-up for the newsletter) as we will eventually assist in introducing new zero-fee fund managers to market.

Adding to Your Investment

Existing investors looking to increase their holding may do so by using the Additional Application Form.

Redeeming Your Investment

If you would like to redeem some or all of your investment, please contact us and we will assist.

You can redeem from your investment on a monthly basis.

EGP Concentrated Value Fund is now open to all investors. The fund will continue to accept investment from new and existing investors, but will close to all investment once it reaches AU$100m under management.

The fund currently oversees approximately AU$68m of assets.