EGP Capital benchmarks its performance each financial year. All figures shown are net of any performance and administration fees. Performance fees are deducted at the end of each financial year and the figures are adjusted to accommodate this. Administration fees are deducted as incurred.

Historic Performance:

As At 30/06/2017 One Month One Year 3 Years Annualised 5 Years Annualised Since Inception Annualised
EGP Capital 0.67% 20.75% 14.21% 19.77% 16.07%
Benchmark 0.17% 15.89% 7.74% 12.51% 7.96%
Value Added 0.49% 4.86% 6.47% 7.25% 8.10%

*S&P/ASX200 Franking Credit Adjusted Annual Total Return Index (Tax-exempt)