About Us

Who we are

EGP Capital is a Sydney based private investment company with an unconstrained investment mandate that currently focuses its investments in Australian listed businesses. Formerly known as Eternal Growth Partners, EGP Capital was established in 2011.

According to founder Tony Hansen, the fee structure of the funds management business in Australia (which is accepted as the norm by most investors due to a lack of any real alternative) is fundamentally flawed:

“Most fund management businesses charge their investors a high annual fee for the privilege of managing their money and on top of that they charge a performance fee in the event they actually deliver strong performance. It’s a mistake not to have investor/manager alignment more entwined.”

EGP Capital is different. We charge no management fee and our performance fee is structured so that if our investors don’t make money, then neither do we.
More than 90% of Tony’s family worth outside the family home is invested in EGP Capital. In this regard he likens himself to a Roman arch builder:

“In the building practices of ancient Rome, when the scaffolding was removed from a completed Roman arch, the engineer stood beneath. If the arch came crashing down, he was the first to know. Thus his concern for the quality of the arch was intensely personal, and it is not surprising that so many Roman arches have survived.” (Seth Klarman, 1991,“Margin of Safety”)

Meet the Team

Tony Hansen

Chief Investment Officer

Tony Hansen CIO

Tony graduated high school in 1994 and deferred his tertiary studies to run his own construction company.  Tony sold this business in 2001 and then completed a Bachelor of Commerce.

Tony went on to work in a variety of areas, predominantly related to the construction and infrastructure industries, however he maintained a keen interest in the Australian and international share markets. After discovering that the fee structure of the Australian funds management business was fundamentally flawed, Tony decided to establish his own investment fund to prove things could be done differently and better.

Tony is a Certified Practising Accountant and a current member of CPA Australia and the Institute of Public Accountants.  He is married to Sue and has three children, Callan, Ryan and Rachael.

This interview explores how Tony thinks about investing in a little more depth.

Chris Cuffe


Chris has many years of experience in building successful wealth management practices. Joining Colonial First State in 1988 and becoming CEO two years later, Chris took the company from a start up operation to Australia’s largest investment manager. In 2003 he then became CEO of the listed Challenger Financial Services Group Limited.

In 2006, Chris joined non-profit organisation Social Ventures Australia (SVA) as an Executive Director.

He is now involved in a portfolio of activities including a number of directorships, managing public and private investments and in various roles assisting the non-profit sector.  In particular, he is:

  • Chairman of UniSuper, the $55 billion superannuation scheme servicing the staff of universities and related institutions across Australia;
  • Chairman of Fitzpatrick Private Wealth a national wealth advisory firm and their related Atrium Investment Management, an investment management firm;
  • Non Executive Director of listed investment companies Global Value Fund, Antipodes Global Investment Company Limited and Argo Investments Limited;
  • Chairman and Founder of Australian Philanthropic Services, a not for profit organisation which inspires, facilitates and educates Australia’s high net worth community and the professional advisers that support them about effective philanthropy;
  • Founder, director and portfolio manager of Third Link Growth Fund, a managed investment scheme (investing in Australian shares) and available to the public whereby all management fees received are donated to charity; and
  • Director of Cuffelinks Pty Ltd, which produces a weekly newsletter called Cuffelinks which is directed to engaged investors and professionals in the financial services industry.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of NSW and a Diploma from the Securities Institute of Australia.  He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, a Fellow of the Institute of Company Directors and an Associate of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia.

In October 2007 Chris was inducted into the Australian Fund Manager’s RBS Hall of Fame for services to the investment industry.