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Update No. 144 – 01/01/14

Calendar 2013 has been a particularly prosperous one for us. In terms of personal recent performance, it is the best calendar year since EGP was incepted. We ended the year 34.97% better than our starting point after allowing for any fees and costs (and adding back in dividends paid). As for the last 8 or […]

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Update No. 142 – 15/12/13

I am an NFL fan. This is fairly uncommon in Australia, but it is a sport I thoroughly enjoy watching. I suspect the combination of interesting strategic elements with brutal physical contact is the main reason. I played Rugby League until my 30’s and enjoyed the physicality of it and strategy is innately appealing to […]

Update No. 141 – 08/12/13

The ‘Offer to Invest’ e-mail goes out this Sunday evening, for those not on the list, the e-mail reads thusly:   Dear Investors and Prospective Investors, Attached herein are links to the documentation required to either: 1. Subscribe for new shares at the Audited closing price on 31 December 2013; or 2. Redeem some or […]

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