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Update No. 165 – 31/05/14

I attended the AGM in Kuala Lumpur this week of one of our largest and most important shareholdings. I will fly home tomorrow to make sure your dividend is processed and for those not taking the cash (all of you – thanks for your ongoing belief in me), your new EGP shares issued.

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Update No. 164 – 24/05/14

We closed the gap on the market this week, now trailing by only 0.25% since January 1st. You could be forgiven for suspecting we hold a portfolio that closely resembles the ASX200, given how closely we’ve tracked the market in 2014 – never more than a couple of percent above or behind. Believe me when I say, our portfolio looks nothing like the ASX200 and you should expect wider variations (hopefully positive ones) in the second half of 2014 and deeper into the future.

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Update No. 161 – 03/05/14

I always enjoy travelling in the United States. Well not so much the travel itself, that’s tedious no matter where you do it, but there is positivity (most) Americans have that I don’t feel when I speak to residents of other countries. It’s a big part of the reason big ideas get off the ground here that might struggle to gain traction in Australia, or other countries. There are more investors here willing to set aside (some of) their capital for really ambitious ideas.

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