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Update No. 252 – 29/01/16

My Wife (Sue – for those who don’t know her) had her birthday this week. She is an amazing woman who is in very large part responsible for any success I have had in my life so far (in early 2018, we’ll have been together more than half of my life). I thought I might share with readers the trick to capturing such a valuable prize. Make no mistake; a quality partner is the most valuable prize you can win in life. Everything else is so much easier from there.

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Update No. 249 – 08/01/16

The market has had what can best be described as a shaky start to 2016. As seems to happen when I travel and do not focus entirely on the markets, we turned in one of our best ever weeks of outperformance, despite a nearly 2% fall on the December 31st closing figures.

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