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Update No. 119 – 30/06/13

The end of financial year is upon us. Holders will find our FY2013 update here (.pdf). For people preferring a visual representation of how things are going, I’ve put that here EGP is the blue line, the ASX200 (Total Return) is red: There has been much concern about the performance of China in the news over […]

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Update No. 118 – 21/06/13

A short discourse on costs. Specifically on operating expenses. First a re-cap, it was a tough week, our hoodoo is alive. As mentioned last week, we have never had longer than a 4-week winning streak over the benchmark, that remains the case this week. The ASX200TR declined by 1.11% on the week (felt like more […]

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Update No. 117 – 14/06/13

After last week’s epic blog, I’ll take it a bit easy this week and talk about something trivial. We (just!) beat the market for the 4th consecutive week this week. In total over the last 4 weeks, EGP has increased by 0.15% while the benchmark has declined by 3.65% – our 3rd best 4 week […]

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