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Update No. 128 – 01/09/13

Existing holders will receive their quarterly invitation to invest over the weekend. The first quarter FY2014 intake will be based on the published closing price on September 27th, given that the 30th is a Monday. If for any reason you don’t receive your e-mail and wish to subscribe, contact me and I will forward […]

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Update No. 127 – 25/08/13

Next week is the final week of FY2013 reporting season. After commencing the season with 18 holdings, we have had 7 companies due to report in the final week, 2 that report out of sequence with the Australian financial year and 9 that have reported. We had a few reports this week, most met or […]

Update No. 126 – 18/08/13

We are primarily invested in small and medium companies. Such companies tend to be laggards in respect of their reporting, with most reporting on the very last possible day. I commented on Twitter this week that this will mean the last weekend in August will be a very busy one for me, or anyone who […]

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Update No. 125 – 11/08/13

When I returned from the UK and China in early January, my Wife (Sue) had only one important question. When is that awful beard coming off? Now, I’ve worn a beard virtually constantly since I was about 17, but it’s always been a military trim. But in anticipation of a cold UK winter, I had […]

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Update No. 124 – 04/08/13

EGP hit a new all-time high this week (adjusted for the payment of dividends), surpassing the last peak set on 12 May 2013.  The ASX200TR (our benchmark) is only about 1% off its all-time high (since the inception of EGP) attained on the same day. The first 5 weeks of FY2014 have gotten off to […]

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