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Update No. 135 – 27/10/13

The markets continued their upward drift this week; we have hit a new record high 11 of the last 13 weeks. I expect my fellow holders are very pleased with this, but I would say – do not expect it to be ever thus, for such a strong run cannot continue indefinitely, the chart setting […]

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Update No. 134 – 20/10/13

A few things have happened over the last week or two that make me think the market is definitely at or above fair value. These are not empirical or technical things, but anecdotal ones that are a little disconcerting. As I have pointed out before, this doesn’t mean bail out, just take great care in […]

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Update No. 133 – 13/10/13

For those that struggled with missing the regular update (with last week being skipped), for the week ending 06/10/2013, the EGP share price was $1.51335, which was down 0.18% for the week, this compared very favourably with the market which declined by 1.86% over the week, meaning we ended the week with an all-time record […]

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