Update No. 301 – 15/08/17

That's all folks

EGP Fund No. 1 Pty Ltd finalised yesterday.

There are 7,260,526 shares of EGP Fund No. 1 Pty Ltd and the fund now owns only 4 assets:

  1. 14,272,087.89 units of EGP Concentrated Value Fund;
  2. 2 x $25,000 9% convertible notes due in February 2020 (these are unlisted and resolving custody was difficult, so we retained them);
  3. 850,000 Stream Group shares carried at 4c each (the price at which shares were recently issued. We retained the stock as it is suspended & transfer to the custodian was impossible);
  4. A little under $86,000 in cash.

We also carry about 0.15 cents per share in franking credits that aren’t included in the NTA shown, but that we will likely try to return if it’s not too much trouble. Once all taxation issues are resolved, we will try again to get ATO permission to conduct an in-specie distribution of the units to wind the company up.

In the meantime, any existing EGP Fund No. 1 Pty Ltd shareholders who would like to discuss converting their shares into Trust Units are welcome to make contact. The Capital Gains Tax implications of this will depend on your cost basis etc, but (and I haven’t discussed the mechanics of this with Fundhost) if for example, you owned 20,000 shares in EGP Fund No. 1 Pty Ltd, I would be willing to investigate distributing 39,782 units of EGP Concentrated Value Fund, to clarify your ownership position if it suits some shareholders.

We look forward to working hard for the new vehicle and hope the next 6 and a half years are as good as the first – Tony Hansen (16/08/2017)

Jun 30th 2017 Current Price Since July 1st 2017 Annualised Since Inception
EGP Fund No. 1 1.9544 1.9891*1 1.78%*1 16.05%*2
Benchmark 55758.56 56174.93 0.75% 7.93%

*1 after a 31 May 2013 dividend of 2.333 cents per share (cps) plus 1.000 cps Franking Credit, a 31 May 2014 Dividend of 7.000 cps plus 3.000 cps Franking Credit, a 31 May 2015 Dividend of 8.6667 cps plus 3.7143 cps Franking Credit, a 31 May 2016 Dividend of 6.0000 cps plus a 2.5714 cps Franking Credit and a 31 May 2017 Dividend of 7.000 cps plus 3.000 cps Franking Credit

*2 calculated based on dividends reinvested


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