2 thoughts on “Update No. 326 – as at COB 31/08/19

  1. Colin Sayce says:

    I have been watching your fund for a while now with a view to investing down the track for my SMSF. Your last 2 months have been exceptional, though lacklustre before that. I appreciate with many of your stocks, you’re taking a 3-5 year view and are not too worried about the short term.

    I notice you have taken a big position in Site Group, which has more than doubled in price recently. I presume this is based on speculation re the Clarke asset sale. I appreciate you have done a lot of research and I especially like the way you actually went there to seek valuations etc. My basic research shows they don’t own this asset, but have a 16 year lease with a 25 year option.

    My question is how realistic is it to sell a leasehold for the amount you suggest.

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