Update No. 295 – 15/05/17

The Disciplined Investor

The Berkshire Hathaway AGM was held last weekend. I thought I’d discuss something from that in this mid-month update. It has become something the ‘cool kids’ do, to disparage Warren Buffett. Shows they’re not just star-struck cheerleaders of the best investor in history… I do not wish to do that, his investment writings are a […]

Update No. 294 – 30/04/17

Statler & Waldorf

We disposed another two portfolio holdings in the second half of April. Neither of them resulted in an especially wonderful outcome, but they generated a respectable return with very little risk. I was given to think about two favourite characters from my childhood (Statler & Waldorf, the critics/hecklers from The Muppets) when trying to think […]