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These are the EGP Capital regular reports.

Update No. 309 – as at COB 31/03/18

March 2018 Graph

We start with the March sales. We sold our Veris (VRS.ASX) shares this month. Veris is one of the stocks we liked to capture the infrastructure boom currently underway. It was a small investment for us though which generated a respectable return despite imperfect execution. We purchased 1,649,900 shares at an average price of 15.8c, […]

Update No. 305 – as at COB 30/11/17

Catalonia is not Spain

We will devote this month’s blog to discussing one of our smaller positions. This discussion will be useful in part in helping fellow investors better understand why we size our positions in the way that we do. At the end of November 2017, our 18th largest position was our holding in Redbubble (RBL.AX – […]

Update No. 304 – as at COB 31/10/17

October 2017 Graph

We have committed to revealing our positions as they are finalised. The investment we will discuss this month is Global Construction Services (GCS). GCS is a fairly small business in the engineering and construction sector. It was the first new business we bought with conviction after the new EGPCVF trust was created on August 15th. […]

Update No. 302 – as at 31/08/17

Welcome to the first blog relating to the EGP Concentrated Value Fund. The monthly report relating to August can be found in the performance section of the website (here), along with every other report we’ve ever produced for the predecessor fund. The first fortnight went well, with a 1.1% positive result for the fund against […]